Monday, June 7, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

  x ada masa nak rehat bila sampai KK terus cousin ajak g tengok wayang kat Suria Sabah. maklumatnya seperti di bawah

sedikit info tentang filem ini
Adopted from the streets of Nasaf by King Sharaman of Persia, young Dastan grows up amongst royalty and quickly earns his place as a mighty warrior and prince. As his brothers Garsiv and Tus plan battle strategies, a spy sends word that the Holy City of Alamut has been supplying weapons to enemies of Persia. Taking matters into his own hands, Tus orders an attack on the sacred city and upon its fall Dastan encounters the beautiful Princess Tamina. When King Sharaman dies under mysterious circumstances shortly after, and Dastan is accused of his murder, he flees with the princess on a harrowing mission to clear his name. Learning from Tamina the true motives behind Alamut's invasion, Dastan must embark on a perilous quest to stop an evil mastermind's plot for ultimate power with a mystical weapon that can control the very fabric of time. The Sands of Time and The Dagger of Time, both with connections to the concept of time travel. The Sands have the power to infect and turn all forms of life into dangerous monsters, while the Dagger of Time has the power to slow down, stop and even reverse time.

The Prince of Persia aka Prince Dastan is the son of Sharaman the king of persia..  Jake Gyllenhaal

Peratus  BIntang  ???

peratus yang saya beri untuk filem ini ermmmmm berapa ye mungkin kot 75%. mana selebihnya ? ermm jgn tanya ler sebab hanya sya yg tahu .....^_^ V



Ashz Muzie said...

mmg 75% la kan,,
coz ending pn cam biasa2 jer,,
everytink is layan jelah,,,

Ashz Muzie said...

ending pun x sbrapa,,
but layan jelah,,,,