Sunday, April 3, 2011

MySpace kata-kata hikmah

sebelum nak masuk tido.... terjumpa secebis mutiara kata tadi ...... terfikir sejenak kata-kata tersebut MySpace macam nie bunyinya MySpace

What seems gloomy, boring and dry today may bring us goodness tomorrow. Likewise, what seems like a lot of fun, easy and convenient now may cause us huge troubles later on. For example, students having fun now means less preparation for exams. Investors looking for easy and fast “investment” will be burnt in no time.
On the flip side, hard work today will pay off handsomely tomorrow. Small but regular savings will yield a fortune after some time. Submission to God in this life will earn His blessing in the hereafter.

Do you recall a Malay saying that literally translates to “endure the pain now for happiness later”? The butterfly failed to see this and continue to chase the bright light. In the end, it paid the price dearly – with its life! MySpace
sebelum itu saya nak ucapkan sekali lagi MySpace MySpace


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